Whether it's your first time on a quad or you're an experienced rider, this course will keep you challenged. Using a 150cc Kazuma Falcon ATV, you will be negotiating obstacles such as narrow gates, side slopes, raised side risers, the log pile, a see saw and even limbo bars. A grand total of 30 obstacles over a 200m track to negotiate without penalties.

We will first give a full safety briefing on the use of the ATV and then a walk around the course so that the instructor can explain how to complete the course effectively. This course is not timed and is about accuracy and finesse, so take as much time as you need at all obstacles!

The scoring runs will then begin the winner being the rider with the least penalties.

This activity is run as part of our multiactivity or team building days and is not available as a stand alone event.

Quad Tackles See-Saw Obstacle
Quad Going Under a Limbo Bar